Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hello My Name is Mix (vol. 7)

It's been almost two years since the last installment of these titular rarities. As a compilation its raison d'etre should be entirely self-explanatory, but what's not quite so obvious is the quality of the songs. I place the same restrictions on these mixes as on everything else (meaning that if I don't like the song it doesn't get posted), so just know there's gold in the gimmick.

I Stayed In The Shower To Avoid Doing Some Useful Shit

1. The M0vement Karl Marx
2. Lemur1a Christine Perfect
3. The Successfu1 Fai1ures Sam Houston
4. Ch1xdiggit Gerry Cheevers
5. The Orwe11s Black Francis
6. The D0gs Winston Smith
7. Chuck Pr0phet Alex Nieto
8. Art Brut Emily Kane
9. A1ex Lahey Wes Anderson
10. The 7 & 6 Bruce Foxton
11. Robbers 0n High Street Amanda Green
12. Rozwe11 Kid Michael Keaton
13. The Zat0peks Sophie Scholl
14. The Pack AD Thomas Hardy
15. Lydia Love1ess Steve Earle
16. Tim East0n Elmore James
17. Why? George Washington
18. Love1y Bad Things Thora Birch
19. G1enn Morrow's Cry For He1p Keira Knightly
20. Buttercup Henry B. Gonzalez
21. R0byn Hitchcock Virginia Woolf
22. Leer0y Stagger Joe Strummer & Joey Ramone

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