Monday, June 1, 2009

10 songs by Silver Sun

It's possible Silver Sun may have been popular in their UK homeland, but they never made so much as a squeak in North America. They deserved better. Although their timing was a little off for this kind of music... aw shit, scratch that - I'm being an idealist again. This kind of music hasn't been trendy since the early days of the British Invasion. Cool, yes. Trendy, no. Silver Sun are what I always hoped Jellyfish would sound like back when I hadn't heard them yet - ultra melodic, kinda Queen/Beach Boys harmonies-upon-harmonies, and the fuzz, buzz, and momentum of punk. Oh yeah, this is power pop, but the type that doesn't shirk from the word "power" and just puts the pedal to the metal and rocks. Plain awesome, in other words.

Silver Sun

1. Golden Skin
2. Dumb
3. Last Day
4. This 'n' That
5. I'll See You Around
6. Scared
7. Hey Girlfriend
8. Only A Girl
9. Jody
10. She Wants A Puppy, She'll Have A Puppy

#1, 2, 3, 4 from Silver Sun (1997)
# 5, 6, 7, 8 from
Neo Wave (1998)
#9, 10 from
Disappear Here (2005)


PDX Chica said...

Listening at work right now... your descriptors intrigued me.

Peter said...

Thanks for posting the wonderfulness of Silver Sun. If asked to describe them, my response is that if Buddy Holly ever wrote songs for The Beach Boys with Weezer as their backing band, you'd pretty much have Silver Sun.

I'm a little sad that you didn't include "Bubblegum," "Lies" or "Found You In A Dream" (all from Disappear Here, an album I love) in your mix tape, but at least you had plenty of great songs to choose from.

Viva la Silver Sun!

Roy Pearl said...

Peter, correct on all counts! 10 songs is just too few to fully appreciate the pop prowess of Silver Sun - I should've rounded up to 20.