Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Covers Project Vol. III

Another volume in the monger covers series. Two of the tunes here have appeared on previously posted mixes (Nikki Corvette's "Under My Wheels" and Brett Anderson's "California Sun"). A couple of notes: 1) the Heavy Metal Kids "Girl of My Dreams" isn't technically a cover, as Bram Tchaikovsky's version was a cover of an unreleased song by, yes, the Heavy Metal Kids 2) if you're familiar with the Troggs original version of "Wild Thing" then you'll understand why I threw their weirdo '75 reggae version of the song on this collection.

Here Comes Success

1. Jeff Dahl One of the Boys (Mott The Hoople)
2. Diamond Dogs Connection (The Rolling Stones)
3. Matthew Sweet American Girl (Tom Petty)
4. John P. Strohm Somebody's Baby (Jackson Browne)
5. Sarah Borges Stop & Think It Over (Compulsive Gamblers)
6. Nikki Corvette Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper)
7. Heavy Metal Kids Girl of My Dreams (Bram Tchaikovsky)
8. Amanda Jones The First Time (The Boys)
9. Bleu You Might Think (The Cars)
10. Per Gessle I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (The Ramones)
11. Crash Kelly Lonely Planet Boy (New York Dolls)
12. Patti Smith Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones)
13. Tim Krekel Version City (The Clash)
14. Kelly Willis Success (Iggy Pop)
15. Garland Jeffreys 96 Tears (? and the Mysterians)
16. Bob Dylan Boogie Woogie Country Girl (Doc Pomus)
17. Beagle Love Grows (Edison Lighthouse)
18. Hutch Maybe Baby (Buddy Holly)
19, The Yo-Yos Hey Tonight (Credence Clearwater Revival)
20. Myracle Brah Too Many People (Paul McCartney)
21. Dramarama Hitchhiking (Willie Alexander)
22. Michael Monroe High School (MC5)
23. Brett Anderson California Sun (Joe Jones... later the Rivieras)
24. The Troggs Wild Thing (The Troggs)


PDX Chica said...

erm, where's volume II? :-)

Mark said...

Fucking hell, that's a storming version of 'Hey Tonight'! Is that Danny, The Wildhearts' old bass player?

Roy Pearl said...

Yes, that is Danny of the Wildhearts! Loved that first (only) Yo-Yos album. They put out an EP that was a bit of a mess afterwards though, so maybe they quit while the quittin' was good.