Monday, June 1, 2009

Dom Mariani mix

Dom Mariani must be one of the most unjustly ignored rockers of the past two decades. He's been the main songwriter/singer/guitarist for (by my count) six different bands in that time, three of which are responsible for absolute classic albums (the Stems' debut "At First Light... Violets Are Blue", the Someloves' only full-length "Something Or Other", and the DM3's "Road To Rome"). Of course, none of those albums have made the tiniest ripple in North American charts, so I can only hope Mariani sells truckloads in his native Australia. After all, there's gotta be some kind of justice in this world, doesn't there?

This is a self-made mix from a number of Mariani's bands and albums. One thing that's immediately impressive throughout is Mariani's consistency. Whether in the context of the garage/psyche revivalism of the Stems, or the sweet pop of the Someloves, or the more muscular power pop of the DM3, his emphasis is always on indelible hooks. It's almost hard to believe that someone so good can be ignored for so long. If you're a fan of Big Star, Badfinger, the Hoodoo Gurus - or any ultra-melodic power pop/punk band of the last twenty years - then this collection is guaranteed to amaze you.

Dom Mariani

1. 1 Time 2 Times Devastated
2. Dead Star
3. Second Floor
4. Just Like Nancy
5. I Thought That You Were Foolin'
6. Soultop
7. Something Heavy
8. Show You
9. Far From Here
10. Homespun Blues
11. Quicksand
12. Rock 'n' Roll Boys (Rock 'n' Roll Girls)
13. At First Sight
14. Sunshine's Glove
15. Don't Talk About Us
16 TV Sound
17. Snapshot
18. When It Ends (acoustic version)
19. Cold Cup
20. The Golden Ones (DJ Moogy remix)

#1, 9 from DM3 1 Time 2 Times 3 Red Light (1994)
#2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 16 from
DM3 Road to Rome (1996)
#4 from
DM3 Garage Sale Vol. 2 (Italian Style) (2003)
#10, 19 from
Dom Mariani Homespun Blues and Greens (2004)
#11 from
DM3 Rippled Soul (1998)
#12 from
the Stoneage Hearts Guilty As Sin (2004)
#13 from
the Stems At First Sight, Violets Are Blue (1987)
#14 from
the Someloves Something Or Other (1990)
#15 from
the Someloves It's My Time (1986)
#17, 18, 20 from
Dom Mariani Shell Collection (2006)


People Are Leaving said...

Wicked blog AM. Thanks for the hook-up which has been reciprocated.

Roy Pearl said...

Thanks right back atcha, M to the C. Hey, you ever get as far north as Portland these days?

People Are Leaving said...

Geesh. Sorry man, just seeing this for the first time. I do get up to Portland from time to time. I've been known to hang out at the Doug Fur from time to time. Are you a permanent fixture these days ?

Roy Pearl said...

Not a permanent fixture, but I get down there quite often. Be cool if we could sched a meet-up one of these days.

People Are Leaving said...

Sounds good. I'll let you know in advance the next time I'm heading up.

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Anonymous said...

can you pleae upload the Dom Mariani mix again

Roy Pearl said...

There was a DMCA complaint lodged against the mix. I'll try to replace it with something, but it probably won't be quite so extensive a tracklist.